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Life As I Know It


There are kind of a lot of things that people leave out when they talk about getting prepared for your very first semester of college. So here’s a little list I have been mentally compiling.

1. Life as you know it is over and done for that day you say goodbye to your friends, family, bed, town…

Poof, everything is different and nothing will ever be quite the same.
Sure you’ll see your friends over break, but they’ll change as they make new friends and experience things without you. Your family will have gotten used to only calling and video chatting you, not to mention you won’t have the same independence as you did at school.

2. As much as you think you’re ready, you’re not.

We anticipate our claim of independence for years, always wanting to grow up and move out. I personally always felt the desire to get out of my small hometown, see the world, move at least to a different state. I’ve been excited for so long that now that that day is literally here… I’m scared out of my mind.

3. You will always take pride in your hometown.

So where I live, unless you live within a 45 mile radius of our town you will most likely never have heard of it before. I love big cities and the excitement in the hustle and bustle of people everywhere, but now as I’m preparing to leave in 7 short hours, I realize what I wouldn’t do to just live in the middle of nowhere next to the river and listen to the music of nature just for one more day.

4. You start acknowledgng your “last”‘s.

I started counting mine my last day at work, and from there it doesn’t get better. You mark your last time going out to this place with your friends, eating a homecooked dinner, visiting your grandpa in the nursing home, see your friends, petting your cats… there are so many lasts, and you want to make sure each one counts.

5. You’re gonna cry.

I didn’t cry at any part of graduation, which is a big deal for someone like me. But as soon as you say your first goodbye or realize something is a really big “last”, the waterworks will begin and most likely continue to be a threat at all times.

6. You will feel lost.

Physically, as you try to pack and just end up with piles of clothes and you sit in a sea of items you have to fit in your car.

Mentally, as you try to remember everything to pack and deal with the life-changes and stress of life in general, especially economics.

Spiritually, as you begin to second guess your decisions and lost hope and faith in what you’re actually doing with your life.