Silver Linings


Sometimes, silver-linings are completely overrated.

Sometimes, though, they become a true blessing.

After returning to school from break, I had my check-up appointment for my stress fracture. I was thoroughly expecting to have at max a few more weeks off and then I’d be dancing my heart away.

Two months is a bit more than two weeks. Needless to say, my life was toppled upside down, having to redo my entire class schedule the day before classes began and coping with a semester without dance.

However, there have been endless silver linings popping up every day, reassuring me that this was meant to happen, all part of a greater plan.

When things don’t go as you expect, sometimes it’s hard to get past that interruption in your life. But if you can manage to set it aside and look at the silver linings, you will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty that can come out of the darkness.


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