Pay It Forward: Re-invented


Everyone has heard the “paying it forward” stories about good Samaritans paying for the next person’s meal in line, and they pay for the next person’s, and so on and so forth.

Money is one of the biggest issue for most people today, so paying forward a meal is a great deed and I hope I have the nerve to do it someday.

I believe, however, that there are other issues to be paid forward, so to speak.

Loneliness is right up there with money struggles. Loneliness makes people sad, depressed, anxious. Loneliness makes people question their existence on this Earth. That’s not okay.

What if we tried “paying forward” caring?

You don’t have to know the person well. Or you could be their best friend. Pay forward the caring, supportive, listening qualities inside of you. Make them know they’re not alone. They will undoubtedly feel better, and want to do the same for someone else.

See how this works?

Maybe it could change the world. Maybe it will only change one person’s day, hour, or minutes.

But isn’t that enough?


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