New Year’s Resolutions: What Not To Do In 2015


Amy Poehler. She’s a genius.

Okay, technically she’s just really, really awesome.

I just finished reading Poehler’s new book “Yes Please” and it’s a perfect time to read it, with everyone trying to change his or her lives in a million ways on January first. I am one of those people. It’s easy to be, too, since I get to start with a new semester, without a roommate, and I had all of Christmas break at home to step back and look at the last year to find all the shoulda-coulda-woulda’s.

Amy Poehler was really onto something when she said “we should stop asking people in their twenties what they ‘want to do’ and start asking what they don’t want to do.” No only is this a genius way to figure out what to do with your life, but I also think this could help out us crazy Americans with the New Year.

Saying everything you want to do is a lot of pressure. The list grows longer and longer until you realize it’s not realistic at all. Chances are, if you really want to do something, you’ll do it without a “resolution.” Stopping habits and not doing things is a lot harder. So really, those things could use a resolution a lot more.

Normally I tell myself resolutions are stupid so why bother. And maybe they are. But just for kicks and giggles (and a deep desire to make this a fantastic, amazing year) here are my New Year’s resolutions of what not to do in 2015:

  1. Don’t neglect you body.

I saw over break how much simple, quick condition helped me improve even though I’m injured and not dancing. This is where I would usually say “condition x number of times a week.” Instead, I think success will be in the remind to not forget to condition.

  1. Don’t forget your self worth.

I have recently become comfortable with who I am, but it’s easier said and imagined from the comfort of my home than done in the real world. Plus, “remember your self worth” implies that I forgot it in the first place, which I’d rather not.

  1. Don’t convince yourself you’re not beautiful.

I have a tendency to let all the bad voices tell me my skin isn’t clear enough and my nose is weird and my haircut makes me look five and my smile isn’t right. My skin has it perks, my nose is just fine, and hair will grow, and my smile is one of my best assets because it is the window to my happiness.

  1. Don’t lose God.

He’s not going anywhere and he doesn’t even need a resolution to be sure of that. The least I can do is hold up my end of the bargain.

I’m going to slip up. A lot. But this is my attempt to at least make progress instead of going backward for the next year. Who has time for that?

Cheers to the New Year! *clinks glass full of sparkling grape juice because I’m under 21 years old*

(Also, my dear friend and I cam up with campaigns for our new year to help us accomplish what we want. Mine is #kickass2015. Let’s make it happen. Figuratively, of course.)


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