Technically Speaking


Wires, buttons, screens. Words, pictures, videos. All at our fingertips–literally.

It has changed me, no doubt.

But is it causing negative change?

Last night, through the power of text message (not even subtweets or hashtags) my night was almost completely destroyed. I was caught trying to fix things for people in ways I hope you can’t relate to, because it was way too much pressure. I was being pulled at from 4 different fronts in 4 different ways. Maybe you can relate to everyone running to you for help, but it’s a lot different when they don’t actually have to “come to you” and they can just type out their problems. Granted that you can just type back your attempted solutions and they don’t have to see how exhausted you are or how you’re on the brink of breaking down. But you wouldn’t be exhausted or breaking down if it weren’t for the texts in the first place.

Lucky for me, I was saved by airplane mode (after I loosely tied the ends to the problems) and an amazing a Capella concert. Music healed my soul last night–and not for the first time. If it’s not music, I throw away my phone and read a book.

How do you escape from the buzzes and beeps of technology?


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