For All the Lonely People


Everyone thinks that heartbreak happens after you lose someone in your life, a loved one, a significant other.

They’re wrong.

Heartbreak happens all the time, you just don’t see it half the time. It’s not always like the girl sobbing on the bus because her boyfriend dumped her, or the abnormally quiet girl in the back of the class who just lost her grandfather. Sometimes, it’s the girl who hangs out with her friends and says hi to people in the street or the guy who is always texting someone and gets all the likes on Instagram. Because while these people have friends and smile and laugh, they might still feel alone.

There are different kinds of alone. There’s the alone where your family is gone for the day and you get the house to yourself to jam out to your music and pee with the door open. There’s the alone after you’ve been around your obnoxious friend for way too long. There’s the alone when you don’t have any close friends to talk to. And then there’s the alone when you haven’t felt the deeper love of a significant other for years, and you forgot what it feels like to be wanted in that way.

People will tell you “Oh, you can do better than him” to the guy you thought you had a chance with. Or they might tell you “You don’t need a girl, you have us!” But no matter what the people say, the lonesome person can’t help but feel like they’re doing something wrong. They think about every guy or girl who has even remotely showed any sort of feeling toward them, and they begin to question it. They think about how they talk to everyone and what words they use and if they reply to texts too soon. They wonder if they should have waited for them to send the follow request first, maybe they were being too pushy. They look long and hard in the mirror, wondering what their hair looked like that day, or if they had forgotten deodorant. They step outside themselves and begin to realize that they wouldn’t date themselves, either.

This is where the real problem is. No one should feel so alone and terrible about themselves that they don’t believe in themselves and that they think that they are doing something wrong. The truth is, it’s never the lonely person’s loss, but rather the people who pass them down. I can say from personal experience that this is never the first conclusion a lonely person jumps to–it’s the very last. If they even think about it at all. So this is what I’m here to say today. Because someone has to do something about all of the lonely people.

You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are a catch to someone out there. And they will find you, but they can’t find you unless you let your amazing self show. Because they are looking for you, you just have to open yourself up to be found. You cannot be found if you’re questioning every bit of your existence, because then they will, too. So forget about all the people who have passed you up, because even you know there’s a reason things wouldn’t have worked anyway. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start being proud of yourself. Because you’re going to be one of the few who finds people who don’t just enter their lives but who will stay there til the end. It sucks, but in the end everyone will be envying you. Be beautiful. Be amazing. Be a catch to someone out there.


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