The Collegiate Diary #6: People Really Are Just Like Books


Laura: She dances with me and is super nice, but she’s that girl I said I could never be even if I tried. So she has like 50 other friends lined up, too.”

In on of my earlier posts, “The Collegiate Diary #2: Friendly Acquaintances,” I discussed the people that had entered my life during my first week or so on campus. One of those people particularly was my friend Laura, the one that I talked about in the quote; I thought I had her figured out.

Here’s a shock: I was wrong.

Today, she is undeniably my closest friend on campus, and I don’t know if I would be surviving school without her. I wasn’t wrong when I said she was super nice, or that she was someone I could never be. She’s a social butterfly per say, able to mingle with others easily. Therefore, she does have a lot of friends in a lot of places. However, the more I have gotten to know her, she’s not just a pretty popular girl. She has a lot in her past and knows how to get a lot out of her present while planning for the future. Most importantly, she doesn’t let her past write her present or her future, no matter the turmoil that occurred.

Sometimes, I am the world’s biggest hypocrite and I don’t even realize it. I tell people don’t judge based on race, sexuality, or nationality. However, I am very guilty of judging based on people being “basic.” I think that I know a person because they wear their Uggs, drink Starbucks, go to parties, or attract a lot of boys. But I need to remember that a book may look like every other book, it may have a cover with a pretty picture and an inside filled with pages covered in words, but no matter what those words will be different than someone else’s, and just like I want others to take the time to read my pages I should return the favor and take the time to read everyone else’s.

So Laura, I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions, and judged you by your cover. Your pages are covered in words that are more than worth reading. They tell a deep story about an amazing girl whose pages deserve to be read.


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