Collegiate Diary #5: Basic


Today, I received what I would consider the biggest compliment I could ever get:

“They don’t make girls like you anymore.”

I take a lot of pride in being different than the norm, than the stereotype, than the “basic white girl.” I also value things in life like the little cactus growing in a glass jar in my dorm room and the stack of books beside my bed. I love bread and chocolate. I have a giant dream and as far as I’m concerned it’s going to happen, so long as God blesses me so. I’m not afraid to be different, to believe in what I believe in. I want to be classy and unique, an actual one-of-a-kind catch.

So when my friend told me they don’t make girls like me anymore, I felt so sure of who I was. You would think that that would make me less sure, that I would think about how different I was and how no one understands me (which is undeniably partially true). However, what it really made me realize is that there are people out there who do understand me and my quirks and perks, and they values my type of person. Honestly, it just makes my job easier with finding true friends because my off-kilter personality weeds out all the ones who don’t or won’t take the time understand me.

This is not to say that I believe I’m better than anyone; in fact I might be worse than anyone. But better and worse shouldn’t even be brought into the discussion here. I just believe that being yourself is worth it, and that even though things might get rough, stick it out to the end. Some day, some where, some time, some one will meet you in a coffee shop or at a work Christmas party and they’ll recognize the truth that exudes from your soul. Maybe you’ll just have a good conversation, maybe you’ll be best friends, maybe you’ll be business partners, maybe you’ll be life partners. Either way in the end, it will always be worth it.


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