“Shake It Off”


I’m sure that there are many people out there who are reading this thinking, “Oh my gosh, Taylor Swift is so [insert distasteful word(s)].” And yes, maybe she has been any one of those words. However, Ms. Swift most definitely did something right with her song and music video “Shake It Off.”

So if you haven’t already, please watch this music video and then come back to read this post.

I’m not trying to write a review of any sort; I just wanted to share with everyone the message and music that Ms. Swift has brought us.

Now, how did she do something right? Isn’t she just dancing poorly next to experts?

No, no she isn’t.

Ms. Swift was able to, all in one video, show the wonderful artistry of many forms of dance while embracing her own inadequacy to dance and inviting others to ignore the haters and do what they want, which is beautifully showcased at the end with the “normal” people dancing their a**es off just because they can.

I see such beauty in this because I know that so many people (including myself, daily) struggle with letting their true colors shine through, and just being who they are, not who everyone else thinks they should be. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if you can’t dance like the girls in the club, or if you can’t sing like the people on the radio, or if you can’t do algebra like the person sitting next to you. There is no point in being embarrassed of who you are because, while you can practice and improve on things, you are always going to have your own quirks and downfalls. So don’t worry what everyone around you is saying or doing: shake it off and be you.


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