The Collegiate Diary #1: Expectations?


The Collegiate Diary. Maybe a little cliche, but it’s bound to happen sometime.

I figured that now that I am a college student, many of my posts will undoubtedly be about life at the University, so to help out those who honestly don’t give a pineapple about life a college I have created an almost original series title to guide readers to the blogs best suited for their reading.

As far as a first post goes, I guess that I’ll now get you all caught up after a whirlwind of a weekend.

Last Thursday, my parents and I stuff my Subaru Legacy full and embarked on the 17-ish hour journey across the country. We spent our first night visiting friends, one of which is currently going through chemotherapy, but is still managing to be one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. We arrived in town Friday night after a beautiful and scenic drive through the mountains, and met up with our close friends who live two hours away from campus, who brought the big stuff that my car wouldn’t fit.

Now, move-in day: This university in particular has an extremely well organized and “fully synchronized” system for moving-in. But in their terms, moving in is getting your excess of items up to your room. Boom, done, moved-in.
It takes at least 2 full days of unpacking, rearranging, and running errands until you are actually moved-in and able to functionally live in the space.

Time goes by slowly but quickly, in the sense that before you know, you’ve been rearranging your room for 3 hours and missed lunch but it feels like you’ve been on campus for a week not two days. Strange.

And now that everyone is sufficiently bored, I won’t bother with the emotional turmoil that I occasionally feel. We’ll wait for a mental breakdown for that.

I don’t really need to talk about my roommate yet, either, except that onestly, she’s my only real friend and we barely know each other.


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