Here: Mundane = Above Average = Abnormal


You know those times late at night, after a event, gathering, or get-together where you sit down and want to write about your adventures?

This is one of those times precisely.
Except I don’t actually know what to say, because I don’t think anyone would really be interested:

I had a lazy, relaxing, moderately slobbish day. Then, I decided to put on some make up and (sort of) try to do my hair before work in the hopes of a late night adventure and to, quite honestly, not look as unattractive in comparison to my expected coworker and manager. Then, I arrived at work to find out that I was actually working with a different coworker, a rather nice looking guy slightly younger than me (but who happens to have the best blue eyes, seriously). Then I even made plans for a late night adventure, just like I had hoped, cooking BLT’s with my friend who I always said we should make BLT’s together. Then we proceeded to have an adventure, complete with having the cops make us leave a park after hours.

It was one of those days where everything doesn’t go as planned but goes like you always hope things would go.
(This literally NEVER happens to me.)

Now I don’t know why I was all that worried about anyone being interested in my mundane day, because who is that I’m writing for, anyway? As much as we don’t like coming across as selfish, in most cases we write for ourselves. I mean deep down, even if we’re writing for others to benefit from it… we are still doing it because satisfies something inside us.

So yeah, my day was average (although it was actually above average in that the things I normally just imagine and hope would happen actually happened, like in the movies or something unrealistic). But writing this blog is really just for me, initially. So you all should be the last of my worries in theory.
On that note, happy reading.


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