Under the Influence: Recall?


I have been seriously reflecting on the topic of drinking.

Recently, I made a very firm post about being under the influence, specifically of alcohol. And I stand by that… mostly.

See, I don’t think that one should have to rely on alcohol to have a good time because there are so many ways to have fun.

…but at the same time…

I guess I don’t know. I have become more and more curious about being under the influence of alcohol, but I have always felt very strongly against it.

What now?

I also have always been that person that doesn’t want to be like everyone else. I always want to be different and not succumb to the pressures of society and adolescent life. And I’ve made it this far… but what if I don’t want to go any further?

I know what the right thing to do is, but am I living too prudent of a life? Am I living life way to safe and missing out on a little bit of adventure?

“Stick to your gut.”

My gut it thoroughly confused.


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