Minor Details


I have some minor details to be discussed… or perhaps they would be called major details. What am I talking about? That’s right, the big one-eight: turning eighteen.

Being the youngster that I am, I just finished my birthday celebration less than an hour ago, and I could really go on about the life changes I will be encountering in a mere 5 weeks. But instead, here a few words from my new-found adulthood.

1. There comes a time in your life when you (hopefully) realize that you are blessed with amazing people in your life. That was me, today. It’s something that’s really hard to explain to others, so just cherish the feeling when that time comes.

2. There will also (hopefully) come a time in your life when you realize how great and big and wonderful the world is and how amazing it is that you live the life that you are living. You are the only person of the billions on this planet being you, living your life, and loving all the things you get to love.

3. If and when you realize the above things, you need to treasure those realizations and feelings because not everyone gets to make it to that point in their life. So many die too soon, unexpectedly and with so much life to live! So if you’re feeling down about your life, just live it for a few minutes for the sake of those who would anything to live a few more breaths of life.

Now obviously not all of these things just automatically happen on your eighteenth birthday, but there’s something about graduation high school, becoming an adult, and moving out that create a giant turning point in your life. And like a person writing a blog once said, “With turning points come realizations about the phenomena of life.”


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