Under the Influence


Among the things I do not understand in life is this:

People seem find it necessary to consume alcohol (and/or drugs) in order to have a good time.

I am no saint, no perfect person at all, but I can honestly say I’ve never drank more alcohol than bitter Communion wine. I’m not writing this to lecture alcohol consumption, but I’m writing this to express my confusion about alcohol consumption.

  • I can understand why people drink when they’re upset.
  • I can understand why people drink in casual social settings, a glass or two or maybe three.
  • I can understand why people drink to celebrate events.
  • I cannot understand why people drink way to much on a regular basis in order to have a “good time.”

Call me crazy, call me idealistic, but I have no problem having the time of my life without being under the influence. Tonight, for example, my friends and I had a giant can of diced tomatoes that were going to go to waste, so we put our hands into the can, just to see what it felt like. It felt super awesome. Then I had the idea to take a handful and throw it into the lawn. We didn’t do any harm and we didn’t consume any illegal substances. We did throw diced tomatoes into a lawn. And it was surprisingly exhilarating. You should try it sometime.

That example may have been poor, but I feel that as human beings we are more than capable of having crazy good times full of laughter and surprises without altering our brain capacities and motor functions with alcohol. I’m sure many people would disagree, especially the abundance of fellow classmates who think that partying is the only way to spend a Friday, Saturday, or really any night.

But if you have the right friends, you have plenty of entertainment and fun right within yourselves. Take advantage of it. Be under the influence of your own laughter and imagination.


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