My Beholding Eyes


I do not think that there are many other sayings that I believe in more than I believe in this one:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Beauty is beauty, isn’t it? Yes…but no. There are many things that seem to be universally decided on to be beautiful, like a setting sun or a blooming flower. But I think that much of that is society and what is taught from a young age. What about all of the things that aren’t somehow automatically beautiful? Where do they get their appreciation and admiration?

From beholding eyes.

For example, let’s talk about my beholding eyes. Sunsets of course are beautiful, as are flowers in the springtime. But where I see most of the earth’s beauty is in the places other eyes don’t see or don’t look. I see beauty in the way the sun filters through the tress in the middle of my small town. I see beauty in the rolling hills and valleys in the middle of winter, when the trees are dead and the ground is covered in snow, making the highest mounds and lowest valleys so much more visible. I like to see the beauty in a cloudy day that is fighting off tiny bits of sun, causing the clouds to glow. Or in the way a leaf falls, drifting in the wind and soundlessly hitting the ground. There is beauty in people too, but normally the most beautiful things are not on the outside, but on the inside. They are in the deepest laughs, the eyes that smile, the arms that care, and the hearts that love.

My eyes behold all of these things, largely because they are looking. You don’t have to be looking for beauty to see the sunset that engulfs half of the sky or to see the bright flower garden beside the road. But if you did look for beauty, imagine what you could find! It’s and exciting wonderful thing we’ve all been blessed with. There are all of these things in the world, waiting to be found beautiful by you.

What are you waiting for? Open your eyes to the beauty around you. You might be surprised to see what you’ve been missing.


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