The Little Things 1


Everyone says “Oh, it’s the little things in life.”

I am a firm believer in this common and rather cliché phrase, and here’s just the first installment in what I can imagine will be many stories and examples of the little things in my life.

Many of us teenagers are avid users of the popular app “Snapchat.” Guilty. I have often debated deleting it, because with all the other social media options, is it really necessary? Well today I have never been happier to have kept the ridiculous app.

Last summer I participated in a church event with surrouding churches plus a church group from Texas. I made many temporary friends and aqcuaintences, but today, one of my closest friends from the week friended me on Snapchat. When this happened, I was slightly excited, but it was mild. And then about a half and hour ago…

Jeffery sent me a Snap!

Now, think of me what you want, but this slight, quick gesutre that would soon be all but disappeared in 10 short seconds made my day. I hadn’t talked to him in months, and his shy self reached out and said hey to me! Plus he lives in Texas, so the chances of me ever seeing him again are slim to none. I don’t know if that has anything to do with me not caring that I’m sending him selfies of me in an old band t-shirt, a sloppy hairdo, and no make up, but I was just so happy to hear from him.

Sending a Snapchat is what I would call a small gesture, a little thing, if you would. But man, it sure made my day.



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