Teenage Nonsense


“Hey, you wanna hang out sometime?”

These words are words that could mean so much, from a girl to boy and vice versa. Does he like me? Does he think we’d make good friends? Maybe he wants to get to know me better. Is this a date?

So today I “hung out” with a guy, which included four criteria that I would normally categorize as a date:

1. He bought me lunch.

2. We went to the zoo followed by hiking in the woods.

3. We spent an extra, unnecessary two hours talking about everything.

4. We shared a mildly awkward goodbye complete with a one-armed hug.

So now I’m asking myself, Was this a date? I keep tossing that around in my head. I don’t know whether I like him in “that way,” or if there was a “spark” between us… but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I know that some values are different and I will be moving away in less than 2 months to explore college life in the farther north of the Carolinas. He’s the type of guy that I told myself I would avoid after my last not-so-great relationship. But it’s means something when you just meet someone and you can talk for almost 5 hours straight without a problem… doesn’t it? And he is a genuine guy who doesn’t mind my quirks and craziness. The number of questions flying around in my brain is excessive, as is the amount of energy I’m actually putting into this.

Right now, at this point in my life, this teenage nonsense seems so important, despite my desire to be mature and not dwell on boys and drama. Some things are in the biology, or maybe it’s just society. Teenagers are constantly “under the influence,” not of drugs and alcohol (okay, well yes we are, but that’s not what I’m talking about), but of society and the media and everything else that we as teenagers are exposed to or have access to. And not a bit of that is really going to tell me what I want to know: was that a date?


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