That Girl


There she is. That girl you want to hate, but can’t find any basis on which to base your dislike. Gorgeous (at least compared to you) and obviously everyone likes her the best. She can do all the things that you can’t…or wait. You can do those things too, but that doesn’t matter. She can make everyone laugh and smile, or awe at her problems. Everyone is wrapped around her finger and you don’t want to be there too. But hold on-she’s so nice to you. She compliments you and is bubbly to you and everyone else. So therefore you can’t hate her…unless it’s all fake. But is it? You don’t know. Either way you wish you were her, beautiful and outgoing. You assume she gets all the guys, and heck she probably gets all the girls, too. You have to nice back to her otherwise she will for sure dislike you, and then everyone else is already on her side so they’ll hate you and you have a hard enough time getting people to like you as it is. They’d just say you were jealous of her, that you’re such a low person. Granted that you are jealous of her, but if only you knew whether her perfection was natural or forced, real or fake.


You still wish you were her.


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